Reviews of eCommerce Marketing: How to Get Traffic that BUYS to your Website by Chloë Thomas:

Everyone in your business should read this book whether they are in marketing or not. Why? Because it removes all the smoke and mirrors around marketing for eCommerce, channel by channel, but still delivers for your marketing team on detail and how to plan for success. Chloë’s candid, straight-talking and uncomplicated style makes it feel like she’s explaining it over a cup of tea and the content delivers in spades on practical, tangible and achievable actions that you can put it into practice in your business right now.

Nicola Fox, exHead of CRM, Missguided, and Freelance Marketing Facilitator at Fine Tooth Comb

As someone who built and runs a 8-figure (and growing) eCommerce business, I’m often asked for advice about how to do what we’ve done. Happily, I can now hand them Chloe’s book instead of trying — unsuccessfully, usually — to lay out the framework and the requirements for ecommerce success. Comprehensive and practical, eCommerce Marketing is a book you should read over and over and, more importantly, put its lessons into action.

Steven Sashen, CEO and co-founder,

Straight to the point and in plain English. A comprehensive resource for both the experienced marketer and the independent business owner, every online retailer will benefit from the insight within this book.

Thomas J Vosper, Retail Director,

After reading eCommerce Marketing, I can only marvel at how she delivers such valuable content, in such an easy to understand manner. This is a must have book for eCommerce business owners and marketers – with strategies and tactics which can be deployed immediately. A really inspiring read!

Sam Taylor, Owner, The Retail Fixers & digi Quick,