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Where can you Buy eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce Marketing by Chloë Thomas is available as eBook, Audiobook and Paperback

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Reviews of eCommerce Marketing:

Chloë Thomas

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

I’ve been immersed in the world of eCommerce and marketing since 2003.

I’ve seen the failures, the mistakes, the bad decisions.

I’ve also learnt how to do it right, how build a business efficiently, and successfully.

My new book is designed to help you find the marketing methods that work for your business – fast.

You will learn how to...

Work out what marketing you SHOULD be doing

Learn how to work out what marketing methods you should be using, and how to get the most from them.

Get more Customers

The book explains how to get more traffic, and better quality traffic to your website. That's how you get more customers.

Make your Marketing more Effective

Learn how to keep on top of your optimisation AND lots of tips and tricks to quickly improve performance.

Get more sales, revenue, and profit

Getting the right traffic to your site, for the right price is central ti increase sales and profits. You'll learn how to do that balancing act in this book.

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